Environmental policy

At Managed Data Solutions, we believe that part of being a responsible member of society means that we should be proactive in giving back to the community that has supported and aided us in our success. To that end, we regularly undertake projects which are focused on supporting, training and developing our community and those in need.

We also believe that taking an environmentally responsible approach to service delivery is good business. We undertake a number of activities aimed at reducing our impact on the environment. These include:

  • Recycling of equipment
  • Implementation of energy efficient policies on equipment and infrastructure aimed at reducing energy usage
  • Procurement processes to provide advantages to technologies and hardware that minimises energy usage
  • Maximising the use of renewable energy sources wherever possible

Most recently, we have switched our corporate office energy supply to SmilePower from Momentum Energy. This helps ensure that our corporate energy consumption is matched by renewable energy generation and has a low carbon impact on the environment.

If you believe that you or your organisation has a need we can address, or if you would like more information on our initiatives, please contact us to see if we can be of assistance.



“I have been using MDS for a few years now. My clients expect and demand excellent service, specifications and technical support. MDS deliver far better support, service and specifications than any other hosts I have been in contact with. My clients are always thrilled at the excellent prices as well. I would and do recommend MDS to any organisation.”
– Nate Ward, CEO, Innovnate

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