Dedicated Servers

Managed Data Solutions provides the latest in dedicated server technology that is architected and built to your requirements. Managed Data Solutions provides its dedicated servers on a gigabit switched network with HP servers, HP SANs, redundant BGP routed networks, and is located in top-tier Australian data centres.

By utilisting HP servers and storage, Cisco networking equipment, and top tier data centres, Managed Data Solutions provides reliable solutions architected to standards that exceed even the most demanding requirements.

Dedicated Server Pricing


Value Server

E3 Intel Server

E5 Intel Server

E5 Intel Server


$149 per month

$329 per month

$499 per month






4 x Intel Xeon 2.66GHz

E5 4 Core CPU

E5 6 Core CPU

Hard Disk

2 x 72GB SFF SAS

3 x 500GB

4 x 500GB


500GB on 1 Gigabit link or 5 Mbit unmetered

1000GB on 1 Gigabit link or 20 Mbit unmetered

1000GB on 1 Gigabit link or 20 Mbit unmetered

Contract Period

No minimum Contract Period

3 months

6 months

Free Gift

Upgrade to 500GB bandwidth

Upgrade to 20mbit link

Upgrade to 20mbit link


Download the brochure here. To discuss how Managed Data Solutions can help your business achieve unprecedented levels of availability, reliability and cost effectiveness, please contact us to speak to one of our consultants on your needs.



“I have been using MDS for a few years now. My clients expect and demand excellent service, specifications and technical support. MDS deliver far better support, service and specifications than any other hosts I have been in contact with. My clients are always thrilled at the excellent prices as well. I would and do recommend MDS to any organisation.”
– Nate Ward, CEO, Innovnate

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Strategic Consulting

Managed Data Solutions's consultants understand that every organisation has unique requirements. Our strategic consulting services ensure that your organisation otains the most appropriate solutions and services for your specific needs.

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Products & Services

Managed Data Solutions provides a large number of business and technology solutions - from Cloud Hosted Exchange to Virtual Dedicated Servers, we can tailor the best solution to address your specific requirements.

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Project Offerings

Managed Data Solutions is accustomed to working in project environments. We have extensive experience in project at every stage – from conception to execution and maintenance.

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